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Rolf Lindblom


Over the years Rolf Lindblom has moved between various musical genres. From accompanying many of Sweden’s leading soloists, for example, ErikSaedén, Margareta Hallin, Zarah Leander, Birgit Nilsson and Gisela May, to giving his own solo concerts and playing in his own jazz trio.


Rolf Lindblom appears on thirty CD and LP recordings, both as an accompanist and soloist. In 2005 the CD ”Water chestnuts” was released (KMH-förlag) and includes Rolf Lindblom’s own compositions for jazz trio. 

In 2006 he was the first Swedish pianist to produce a CD recording of J. S. Bach’s Inventions and Sinfonias (Ictus).


Professor Stina Sundell was Lindbloms teacher during many years. Stina Sundell studied with Emil von Sauer (a Liszt-pupil) in Vienna, where she also made her debut 1925. Lindblom had the favour to study the Liszt pieces with Stina Sundell, recorded on his first Liszt CD. (Annees de Pelerinage, deuxieme annees, Italie) The second Liszt CD will contain Annees de pelerinage premiere annees, Suisse.


Rolf Lindblom has been teaching as a professor at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm where among other things he teached classical piano improvisation – an old tradition that he has resurrected. Rolf Lindblom has also made a lot of recitals  in Europe: Belgium, Austria, Germany, Czech Rebulic, Spain, France, Norway, Denmark , Finland, Austria and Serbia. Even in USA and Canada. He is also frequently engaged as a guest teacher at schools and festivals abroad and teaches regularly at the China Conservatory in Beijing and Shanghai Conservatory.


Lindblom has made recitals in China: above all in Shanghai, Beijing, Hangchow and the famous pianoisland Gulangyo.

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